Dog Trainer Academy

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Our founder Dave Teoh
has successfully trained a number of students from different age range and religion over South East Asia. He personally designed an unique technique of training for the students to easily pick up the key to become a professional dog trainer.

We are the first dog training company in Malaysia who get to collaborating with Local university to link our program in to it.

What will you learn?

  • Course 1 (Obedience Training)
    Dog psychology
    Dog behaviour correction
    Dog obedience training
    Socialising / Command
  • Course 2 (Guard Dog Training)
  • Security / Police Guard Dog
  • Protection Training for home


The Benefits of joining our academy
This course can legitimately aggregate different benefits which can help you in your work, personal development and also benefit all areas in your life.

  • Understand more about dogs psychology and behaviors
  • Build up both mental and physical strength
  • Self discipline
  • Improvement of communication skill
  • Time management
  • Lifetime membership 
  • Business skills