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DAVE TEOH ACADEMY and KNINE PROFESSIONAL DOG SERVICES  are owned by KNINE DOG SERVICES SDN BHD and were established in 2008 by Dave Teoh. It is one of the leading dog training services companies in Malaysia and offers a unique concept in Animal Care, Dog Psychology and Dog Training. Mr Dave Teoh Had been featured in South East Asia’s newspaper, tv and radio with his success dog training’s story.

Dave Teoh is in Malaysia’s Book of Record for being the youngest certified professional dog trainer in Malaysia. He underwent training with Juergen Knobel and years later, he furthered his training session with Cesar Millan in USA. He has had experience training over 6000 dogs with different behaviours.

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Mr Dave Teoh

– has gradually expanded and developed a comprehensive canine establishment until today, where the range of services include:

  • Training dogs of all sizes
  • Training all forms of dog behaviours and dog disciplines
  • Training students from home and abroad
  • Training course for guard dog companies


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Mr. Dave Teoh

is also the author of The Zen of Dog Behaviour, the first dog behaviour training book written by Malaysian Dog Trainer and he breaks into the second Malaysia Book Of Record as The First Dog Behaviour Author. It is a book written by him based on his years of experience of training human and rehabilitate a dog, it is a book that is straight forward to the point and can be understood easily.

Vision and Mission

We aim to convey the importance of human-dog relationship by building it through effective communication, positive interaction and consistency. Our ultimate goal is to help human to enjoy the special bond with their canine friend, and conversely, preventing human from feeling the need to abandon or surrender their canine due to their perception in an inability to train their canine or fix the behaviour issues.

  • We have an in-depth and wide range of experience and expertise in dog training
  • We import all kinds of dogs around the world
  • We train and handle all sizes as well as behaviours of dogs
  • We resolve your problems

Training Objective

  • To raise a well respected canine citizen, I want happy, involved, outgoing dogs who are valued and trusted members of the community
  • To build a genuinely strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, co-operation, and well-defined roles
  • To have confidence in, and control of my dogs in any situation including kids and other animals in any places
  • To work with my dog’s natural drives and instinct, not against the,
  • Absolutely no harsh method
  • I certainly don’t believe you to have a break a dog’s spirit in the training process